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Oct 1, 2010 - Quri Resources saw its shares plunge 85.7% Friday after the SEC levied charges against its CEO in a pump-and-dump scheme. More>>

Sept 25, 2010 - Carlson Capital, a Dallas-based hedge fund, was caught by the SEC red handed in a short sale scheme against four companies during an Offering period. A big no-no! More>>

Sept 23, 2010 - A California couple was duped into buying $30,000 in phony Apple, Inc. stock from convicted con man, Roger Miller. More>>

Sept 10, 2010 - Prominent Georgia physician charged with insider trading just days after the Governor awarded him for his distinquished service to the state's medical profession. More>>

Sept 8, 2010 - Former National Lampoon CEO sentenced to 45-months in prison in a scheme to manipulate the company's stock. More>>

July 30, 2010 - Sam and Charley Wyly, two billionaire Texas brothers, where pinched by the Feds for trading on insider information that netted the pair $550 million. More>>

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